Data Trawler - Deployment Details

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Deployment Details

Survey: - SS200302 [details]

Deployment Type: - Sediment Sampling

Station: TD-26

When: 2003-03-24 02:00 UTC

Where: 22° 39.2' S    176° 44.3' E

Maximum Depth (m): unknown

Sediment Sampling details

Device used: Dredge - unspecified

ContentsTop (m)Base (m)
Fresh black andesite. Sparsely phyric, with 1-2 plagioclase phenocrysts per block and occasional olivine (1 every 4-5 blocks). Consists of thin (0.5-1.0 cm thick) layers of solid lava separated and encrusted by glassy autobrecciated layers. Much of the readily disaggregated glass is weathered brown and partly devitrified. Weakly vesicular in the denser lava layers. The entire haul is this lithology. Also contains wrap-up clasts of older weakly altered lava (e.g., TD-26-01a).
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