Data Trawler - Deployment Details

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Deployment Details

Survey: - SS200302 [details]

Deployment Type: - Sediment Sampling

Station: TD-19R

When: 2003-03-22 20:08 UTC

Where: 22° 41.4' S    176° 36.7' E

Maximum Depth (m): unknown

Sediment Sampling details

Device used: Dredge - unspecified

ContentsTop (m)Base (m)
Black vesicular plagioclase basalt with local development of glass crust on both sides of pillow fragments. Fresh.
Dark grey plagioclase andesite. Strongly plagioclase-phyric (~30%). Rock deeply weathered on surface and fractures (old).
Dark grey plagioclase-pyroxene andesite with ~20% plagioclase and ~10% finer grained pyroxene, weakly vesicular. Blocks are only slightly weathered on their surfaces. Weakly developed glassy crusts are carbonate-altered.
Grey plagioclase andesite, mildly vesicular, weathered blocks with clay in vesicles but fresh interiors.
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