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Survey Name: IN2020_V09 [survey details]

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Data type: Hydrology
Time (UTC): 2020-08-29 02:08 to 2020-09-10 00:09
Latitude: -55.55 to -46.90
Longitude: 141.88 to 151.02
Quantity: 5 Casts
Max Pressure: 2147.1 db
Completeness and Data Quality: Nutrient samples were analysed using segmented flow SEAL AA3 and results are in ┬Ámol/L. In-house methods SOP 001, SOP 002, SOP 003 and SOP 004 were used to analyse nutrients. Please cite the following paper when using Hydrochemistry data for silicate, phosphate, nitrate+nitrite (NOx) and nitrite analysis: Rees, C., L. Pender, K. Sherrin, C. Schwanger, P. Hughes, S. Tibben, A. Marouchos, and M. Rayner. 2018. Methods for reproducible shipboard SFA nutrient measurement using RMNS and automated data processing. Limnol. Oceanogr: Methods Doi:10.1002/Iom3.10294 Salinities were analysed using Guildline 8400B Autosal Lab Salinometer and OSIL software. The salinometer was calibrated with IAPSO standard seawater P162. In-house method SOP 006 was used to analyse salinity, units are Practical Salinity Unit (PSU). Dissolved Oxygens were analysed using Scripps UV titrator and software, units measured in ml/L and converted to ┬Ámol/L. Dissolved oxygen was analysed using in-house method SOP 005. All data was processed on board with HyPro 5.7. You may or may not re-process data on shore. Nutrient data decimal places within the CSV file; silicate is 1 decimal place, nitrite is 3 decimal places and NOx (nitrate + nitrite), phosphate and ammonium is 2 decimal places. Previously values below detection limit were set to zero these values are now displayed as the measured value even if that is a negative value. Oxygen Data is displayed to 3 decimal places. Salinity data is displayed to 4 decimal places, prior to in2018_t01 voyage it was 3 decimal places in the csv file. Data processing notes are in the process report (in2020_v09_HYD_ProcessingReport.pdf).
Metadata: RV Investigator Voyage IN2020_V09 Hydrology Data [link]   



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