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Codes for Australian Aquatic Biota (CAAB) Taxon Report

Animalia (kingdom)  »  Mollusca (phylum)  »  Caudofoveata (class)  »  Chaetodermatida (order)  »  Chaetodermatidae (family)

CAAB Code: 23 003005 show as JSON
Scientific Name
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Lepoderma chiastos   (Scheltema, 1989)

Rank: Species
CAAB category: 23 - Mollusca - non-Gastropod groups Bivalves, Cephalopods, Chitons, etc.
Family: 23 3 Chaetodermatidae (chaetoderms) - show full list
Common Name: [a chaetoderm aplacophoran]
Organism Type: a chaetoderm aplacophoran
Synonyms: Falcidens (Lepoderma) targotegulatus
Taxon lists: Current Australian list:
Commercial species list:
Standard Fish Names List:
Habitat: Marine unspecified
Parent Codes: 23 003903     Lepoderma spp.

MoV 4051
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Scientific Name
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Lamprell, K. Whitehead, T., 1992, Bivalves of Australia. Volume 1. Crawford House Press, Bathurst, N.S.W.
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