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Harpagiferidae (Spiny Plunderfishes)

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CAAB Scientific Name Common name
37 405907 Harpagiferidae [a spiny plunderfish]
37 405905 Harpagifer spp.
37 405005 Harpagifer andriashevi [a plunderfish]
37 405006 Harpagifer antarcticus [a barbled plunderfish]
37 405007 Harpagifer bispinis [a barbled plunderfish]
37 405008 Harpagifer georgianus [a barbled plunderfish]
37 405009 Harpagifer kerguelensis [a barbled plunderfish]
37 405010 Harpagifer macquariensis [a barbled plunderfish]
37 405011 Harpagifer nybelini [a barbled plunderfish]

Note: CAAB codes prefixed "99" represent project-specific (informal) taxa.

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