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Champsodontidae (Gapers)

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CAAB Scientific Name Common name
37 401000 Champsodontidae gapers
37 401901 Champsodon spp.
37 401503 Champsodon cf longipinnis [of Williams et al 1996] [a gaper]
37 401006 Champsodon atridorsalis Blackfin Gaper
37 401005 Champsodon guentheri Gunther's Gaper
37 401002 Champsodon longipinnis Longfin Gaper
37 401007 Champsodon machaeratus Knife Gaper
37 401001 Champsodon nudivittis Nakedband Gaper
37 401008 Champsodon pantolepis Sheath Gaper
37 401009 Champsodon sagittus Arrow Gaper
37 401010 Champsodon snyderi Snyder's Gaper
37 401800 Champsodon sp. [of P. Last] [a gaper]
37 401011 Champsodon vorax Greedy Gaper

Note: CAAB codes prefixed "99" represent project-specific (informal) taxa.

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