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South East Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) Seamounts project

Survey Equipment : Epibenthic Samplers

Epibenthic sled: ‘Sherman’ (CSIRO-SEBS)

CSIRO designed and built epibenthic sampler, for rugose, rough terrains.
Mouth width 1.2 m; Mouth height: 0.6 m; Mesh size (codend): 25 mm (stretch mesh).

Epibenthic Sled Epibenthic Sled with codend
The 'Sherman' epibenthic sled on the deck of the CSIRO Research Vessel The Epibenthic sled with codend

Detailed description:

  • Lewis, M. (2009) Sherman the epibenthic sled for rough terrain. (CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research paper; 029) Canberra, ACT: CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research. 15 p. [download PDF 2.4 mb]
  • Lewis, M. 1999. CSIRO-SEBS (Seamount, Epibenthic Sampler), a new epibenthic sled for sampling seamounts and other rough terrain. Deep-Sea Research I 46: 1101-1107.



CSIRO design adapted from the IRD beamtrawl (Forest 1981), used for sampling flat, soft sediment terrains. Mouth width: 4.0 m; Mouth Height: 0.5 m; mesh size (codend): 25 mm (stretch mesh)

Beam trawl Beam trawl
Beamtrawl net  

Detailed description:

  • Lewis, M. (2010) The CSIRO 4m Beam Trawl (CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research Paper 033) Hobart, Tas. CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research. 17p. [download PDF 3.6 mb]
  • Reference: J. Forest1981. Compte rendu et remarques générales (texte bilingue) / Report and general comments (bilingual text). Résultats des campagnes MUSORSTOM,1, Mémoires ORSTOM, 91: pp.