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Search the CMAR Publications Database

Publications from 1938—September 2008.
Note: This database is no longer being updated - the last data load was September 2008 - see links at right for other options.

Please enter one or more search parameters.

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Tips for searching this database

Timeframe for this database

1938 to September 2008 only - this database is no longer updated. For other options please see links at right.

What is in the database?

The database contains citations of all material published by a CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research author, or belonging to one of our predecessors from 1938 to 2008 only.

It includes all known publications ranging from major reports and refereed journal papers to minor ones including conference abstracts.

Additional information is attached to many citations, this may be accessed from the associated "Detail" link:

  • a fully formatted citation,
  • abstract or summary,
  • access availability notes regarding full text links,
  • reprint availablity, including Marine reprint numbers and Aspendale file keys,
  • some local indexing (taken from legacy records)

How to search

Searching is case independent. The terms that your reference(s) are retrieved on are highlighted in red boldface.

The database has three independently searchable fields, they are: author(s), title & abstract of paper, and year of publication range.

  • Authors -- please enter surnames only. Composite surnames like O'Brien or Llewelleyn-Jones should be searched with apostrophes and hyphens in place.
    Authors sharing common surnames may be searched in the form Smith, I. (i.e. surname/comma/space/first initial).
    In cases where surname and initials are insufficient to differentiate multiple authors, the full given name is used (e.g. Schmidt, Michael and Schmidt, Martina.)
  • Keyword in title/abstract -- this includes words from the title of the paper and the abstract, etc., if one is available. You may need to try synonyms, e.g.CO2, carbon dioxide; truncation, e.g. use climat in preference to climate or climatic; and alternative spellings, e.g.modeling, modelling.
    Boolean type searching within this field isn't available; the search looks for the exact character string that you type in.
  • Start Year -- this is entered in 4 digit form. Please enter the earliest year (1938 onwards) that interests you. We have preset a suggested earliest date of 2005.
  • End year - also entered in 4 digit form. Please enter the latest year that interests you.
  • Maximum Hits - Please enter a number (1 or more) that you are prepared to view. We have preset this at 100.
  • Hypertext links are automatically created for publications that are available, in whole or part, electronically. You may restrict your search to records containing URL links by use of the "Only display online publications" radio button.
  • Some full-text links are only available to CSIRO/CMAR staff (or at a specific site) as a result of licencing or copyright restrictions. There is an access note at the bottom of the associated "Detail" to indicate what limitations, if any, exist for that particular electronic publication. Talk to your local Librarian about full availability.
  • Abstracts (and availability notes) may be displayed where available. Click on the appropriate Detail link, which will open a new window session to display the full record, for convenient viewing we suggest that you tile these windows vertically.

If you wish to display the entire list, please make all fields blank including Maximum Hits. This full list may take a while to load!

Output is displayed in descending year of publication order, then alphabetically by lead author.

Last updated 28/10/2008