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Atmosphere and land observation and assessment


Climate variability and change


Aquaculture genetics, nutrition and production


Marine biogeochemistry


Marine ecological processes and prediction


Integrated marine and coastal assessment and management


Weather and environment prediction


Earth system modelling


Ocean observation, analysis and prediction


Partnerships & collaborations

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CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research (CMAR) aims to advance Australian atmospheric, climate, marine, and earth systems science. We focus on major science challenges affecting Australia, our region, and the world.

CMAR capability is built on expertise in marine and atmospheric sciences, with a strong commitment to the science of systems and integration across components of the earth system supplemented with strategic investment in the social and economic components of the coupled social-ecological system. CMAR has particular strengths in understanding, quantifying, and simulating the bio-physical earth systems to assist in informed decision making on sustainable development in the context of human use and change.

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Last updated 6/01/12