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Future Emissions and Concentrations of Carbon Dioxide:
Key Ocean/Atmosphere/Land Analyses

I.G. Enting, T.M.L. Wigley and M. Heimann

CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research Technical Paper No 31. (Electronic edition, 2001).

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Cover (x kB pdf)
Front Matter with Contents with Navigation ( 40 kB pdf)
1. Introduction (176 kB pdf)
2. Carbon budget issues (33 kB pdf)
3. Modelling approaches (58 kB pdf)
4. Strategies for achieving carbon balance (47 kB pdf)
5. Summary of models (23 kB pdf)
6. Initialisation (73 kB pdf)
7. Summary of results for forward calculations (62 kB pdf)
8. Summary of results for stabilisation calculations (294 kB pdf)
9. Summary of results for response functions (146 kB pdf)
10. Assessment of results (34 kB pdf)
11. Assessment of uncertainties (51 kB pdf)
12. Additional calculations (63 kB pdf)
13. Conclusions (17 kB pdf)
References (49 kB pdf)
Appendix A: Instructions for calculations (92 kB pdf)
Appendix B: Data sets provided (158 kB pdf)
Appendix C: Description of models (121 kB pdf)
Appendix D: Additional tables of results (39 kB pdf)
Appendix E: Additional figures (607 kB pdf)
Appendix F: Additional calculations (15 kB pdf)
Appendix G: Notation (33 kB pdf)
Appendix H: Glossary (22 kB pdf)
Uli Siegenthaler 1941-1994 (17 kB pdf)
List of technical papers (x kB pdf)