CMAR C-squares Mapper

The CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research (CMAR) c-squares mapper is a perl utility which plots dataset exents on a range of base maps, according to a string of c-squares (and optional other parameters) passed to it via the web.

Technical details of how to do this are available here
(includes link to new interactive form, April 2003).

Quick start:

Enter a c-square string here

Example: 3314:390:1|3313:489:3|3313:489:4

Convert my co-ordinates to a c-square code:

latitude (decimal degrees)
longitude (decimal degrees)

examples from the mapper

A page with some more extensive, pre-configured test data is available here.

Ongoing development of the c-squares mapper

Other features are also under development and may be available for testing prior to official release. For details watch, or subscribe to the "c-squares-discuss" listserver.


Topographic base maps currently available for the c-squares mapper have been adapted from those made available by the (U.S.) National Geophysical Data Center/NOAA GLOBE project, and are used by permission.

"Globe View" images of c-squares maps are constructed using the excellent open source "Xplanet" application written by Hari Nair, for which many thanks.

Initial version of the CMAR c-squares mapper constructed by Miroslaw Ryba and Tony Rees, CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research Data Centre, January-March 2002. Upgraded versions by Philip Bohm and Tony Rees, March-April 2003 (v2) and March-May 2006 (v3).