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Australian National Fish Collection Information Sheet


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The Australian National Fish Collection

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In addition to its value as a reference library for other scientists and research organisations, the Collection has proved an invaluable resource for producing CSIRO publications.

Australian Seafood Handbook: an identification guide to domestic species
Designed to help readers identify Australia's main domestic seafood species.

[purchase from CSIRO Publishing]

Australian Seafood Handbook: an identification guide to imported species
This companion volume to the Australian Seafood Handbook: an Identification Guide to Domestic Species (see above) is an essential reference for all importers, fishmongers, processors and seafood consumers.

[purchase from CSIRO Publishing]

Field Guide to Australian Sharks & Rays
A reference for fishers, observers and scientists to identify the main Australian target and bycatch species of sharks, rays and chimaerids.

[purchase from CSIRO Publishing]

South East Fishery Quota Species - an Identification Guide
Identifies over 80 species of commercial quota fish from the South East Fishery.

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Updated: 7/11/08