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Management Strategy Evaluation


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Management Strategy Evaluation


InVitro is an agent based ecosystem-level management strategy evaluation modelling framework (Figure 1). It has been specifically designed to consider multiple use management questions for the marine environment.

Figure 1: MSE cycle
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Figure 2: Map of InVitro models
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To date the modelling framework has been used in a limited number of systems (Figure 2), principally the Northwest shelf of Australia (Gray et al 2005, Little et al 2005); and is now being used in a human/ecosystem MSE system for the Ningaloo region. It has also been used to explore some research questions in the southeast of Australia.

Agents they are not tied to any one model type and can be drawn from anywhere in the classical -- individual-based spectrum. The model being used for the Ningaloo MSE is a good example of the kind of components that are included in a full regional scale ecosystem-level multiple use management strategy evaluation (Figures 3, 4 and 5).

Figure 3: Components in
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Figure 4: Foodweb used in
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Figure 5: Example InVitro components - individual trawler searching for a fish (representing a school or subpopulaiton in this case) which interacts in turn with a gridded habitat.


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Little, L.R., Fulton, E.A., Gray, R., Hayes, D., Lyne, V., Scott, R., Sainsbury, K., and McDonald, A.D., 2006. Multiple Use Management Strategy Evaluation for the North West Shelf: Results and Discussion. North West Shelf Joint Environmental Management Study Technical Report ? Vol 18, CSIRO, Hobart, Tasmania.

Last updated: 12/11/08