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The carbon cycle over the last 1000 years inferred from inversion of ice core data.

Catherine Mary Trudinger

Ph. D. Thesis: Monash University. (Electronic edition, 2001).

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Front Matter with Contents (Navigation not yet operation) (138 kB pdf)
1. Introduction (96 kB pdf)
2. The carbon cycle (1285 kB pdf)
3. Reconstructing atmospheric trace gas records form from firn and ice core measurements (1722 kB pdf)
4. Calculations with a box diffusion carbon cycle model (1076 kB pdf)
5. Kalman filter double deconvolution method (1054 kB pdf)
6. Investigating the carbon cycle (1037 kB pdf)
7. Summary and further work (70 kB pdf)
References (188 kB pdf)

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