Torres Strait marine science publication and metadata collection, 1980 - 2003 (ISBN: 1 876996 56 0)

Welcome to the Torres Strait marine science publication and metadata collection, 1980 - 2003. The collection is a central digital repository of marine research project reports and associated data collected within Torres Strait predominately funded by the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA).

The collection has been developed by CSIRO Marine Research to enable both fellow marine researchers and managers of the Torres Strait Protected Zone to have ready access to relevant research information. Consequently, the Torres Strait Scientific Advisory Committee (TSSAC) will be equipped to provide timely scientific advice to AFMA.

Research reports dating from 1980 to 2003 can be viewed as PDF documents and/or htm files from the navigation menu to the left. The documents have been grouped into various "Topics". Selecting a topic will display all related references with links to each PDF file. A text insensitive search engine is also available to search the database.

Information about associated marine research data (metadata) can be viewed as PDF documents. Each metadata statement contains information regarding data sources and data filenames. Each of the data custodians (CSIRO Marine Research and AFMA) have been presented with the data on DVD for archival purposes.

Citation: Taranto, T.J. and C. R. Pitcher (2004). Torres Strait marine science: collected publications and metadata, 1980-2003. Cleveland, Qld., CSIRO Marine Research, 2004. DVD.

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Any comments about the collection can be directed to the CSIRO Marine Research Custodian or queried in the associated published report, T.J. Taranto and C.R. Pitcher (2004). Torres Strait AFMA Research Report and Data Archive. Australian Fisheries Management Authority Torres Strait Research Program Final Report. CSIRO Marine Research, Cleveland, Qld. ISBN 1 876996 55 2.