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Project details

Title: Records of Past Climate (2004 - 2010)
Id: 2252
Acronym: Records of Past Climate
Investigator(s): Ron Thresher
CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Hobart [details]

Years: 2004 to 2010


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Survey InvestigatorDescription
TT 1/2008

Ron Thresher (CMAR) & Jess Adkins (CALTEC) The TT 01/2008 survey was a follow up survey to the SS 01/2008 to sample beds of high quality live, sub-fossil and fossil corals off SE Tasmania, and to document and sample the communities in depths up to 4000 m using the deep-diving Remotely operated vehicle (ROV) Jason. 16 dives were completed in or close to areas in the South-east Commonwealth Marine Reserves; the ROV Jason spent almost 400 hours underwater, took over 36000 photographs and 300 hours of video of the deep-reef, and collected over 1000 biological specimens, most new to science.
SS 01/2008

R. Thresher (CSIRO) Reconstruction of paleo-oceanography and climate of SE Australia and the Southern Ocean from analysis of deep-sea corals.
Voyage Objectives
The major objective of the voyage is to determine the location of beds of high quality live, sub-fossil and fossil corals of SE Tasmania, that can subsequently by samples on the follow-up US vessel voyage. This objective will be met by deploying the Woods Hole Autonomous Benthic Explorer (ABE). A preliminary identification of probable areas of interest has been done based on analysis of high resolution topographic maps of the survey sites, from results of previous trawl samples of the area and from existing CSIRO video from which three broad areas of interest have been identified: The Southern Seamounts, the Tasman Fracture Zone and the South Tasman Rise. The second objective of the voyage will be to document the biodiversity of the deep parts of the Southeast Commonwealth Maine Reserve Network. The third objective of the voyage is to collect surface plankton samples for invertebrate larvae while steaming across the shelf.
Taken from SS01/2008 voyage plan.
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