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Latest ship position is retrieved from Near Real-time Underway Data (NRUD) from the ship and is also available on the AODN website

Ship: RV Investigator [details]

Voyage: IN2015_E01 [details]
56° 00.1' S     145° 48.9' E
11-Feb-2015 23:00 UTC. (1528 days ago)

Ship speed: 10.02 knots
Direction: 1.67 deg
Sea measurements

Sea temperature: 3.60 deg C
Salinity: 34.020 PSU
Water depth: 0.0 m
Air measurements

Atmospheric Pressure: 1,005.54 hPa
Air temperature: 4.60 degC
Wind speed: 26.19 knot
Wind direction: 310.56 deg
Relative Humidity: 0.00 %

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O&A Information and Data Centre  »  Data Trawler