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Voyage: IN2015_C02 [details]
Subject: Re-synchronized in Ksync
Event Identifier:
When: 2015-12-02 17:17:43 UTC      [entered into Elog as 2015-12-02 17:17:43]
Latitude: -36.6422     Longitude: 135.987      [entered into Elog as 36°38.53'S, 135°59.22'E]

Distance from event position with respect to underway position is 0.034 km

Equipment: EK60      Linked to equipment register: Simrad EK60 multi-frequency split-beam echosounder [view]
Action: Start

Settings changed based on feedback from Simrad. EK60, EM122 and ADCP now synchrinized in a single group. EK60 set to 1s in runtime parameters. Installation parameters changed to uncheck Transmitting signal , SIgnal active was set to Active High and Pulse length set to 10ms. EK60 is set to maximise pinging. All systems now seem to be synchronized with EK60 pinging at a maximal rate (~5s)

Logged by:      [entered into Elog as Amy Nau]
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