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Use this form to search for geophysical data (multibeam, gravity, sub-bottom profiles, ek60). You must first pick an instrument and then either select a survey (or use a search term) and/or pick a region by name or by bounding box. If you wish to find data from other instruments then repeat the search. Some instruments are only on a few voyages. Use the map tool at the bottom to show the extents of the data for an instrument. The more you enter the more restrictive the search will be so you may need to generalise the search if you do not initially find any data.

Note this tool is limited to obtaining about 2Gb of data or less. Please contact GSM if you expect to exceed this limit.

Instrument: Please select an instrument first and then a particular survey and/or bounding box.
Surveys: Include one or by default all surveys. Latest surveys are listed first.

or optionally find surveys by searching survey/voyage details, investigator name, survey region etc

Data Process Status: Data in higher levels of processing will also be selected.
Depth range: - optionally apply the following depth range filter
from to metres

Regions: select from the pre-defined sets below or draw your own bounding-box region. Choose from:

Covers Australian Marine Parks (AMP) , Key Ecological Features (KEF) , Great Barrier Reef Marine Park (GBR) Coastal Shelfs (0-200 m) , IMCRA 4.0 and MGRS
MarLIN Oceans and Seas
Bounding box query - use map or enter coordinates
Hold down the Ctrl key and draw a box. Clicking anywhere on the map will remove an existing box.
Select a Region
Select from the MarLIN 'Oceans and Seas'
Bounding box

Show the following data collection coverages on the map:

Gravity Meter
    Marine Gravity measurements (RV Investigator)     (shown in darkred)
    SeaSPY2 Magnetometer tows (RV Investigator)     (shown in darkred)
Multibeam echosounder
    EM2040 multibeam    
    EM2040c multibeam    
    EM302 multibeam     (green (level 3), red (level2) is processed data, orange is '1- in progress' and yellow is '0 - raw data')
    EM122 multibeam (RV Investigator)     (green (level 3), red (level2) is processed data, orange is '1- in progress' and yellow is '0 - raw data')
    EM710 multibeam (RV Investigator)     (green (level 3), red(level2) is processed data, orange is '1- in progress' and yellow is '0 - raw data')
    EM300 multibeam (RV Southern Surveyor)     (green (level 3), red (level2) is processed data, orange is '1- in progress' and yellow is '0 - raw data')
    Reson 8101 multibeam     (shown in black)
    ME70 multibeam (RV Investigator)    
Singlebeam echosounder
    EK60 38-120 kHz (RV Southern Surveyor)     (shown in darkred)
    EK60 12kHz (RV Southern Surveyor)     (shown in darkblue)
    EK60 12-333 kHz (RV Investigator)     (shown in darkblue)
    EK80 (RV Investigator)     (shown in darkblue)
Sub-bottom Profiler
    SBP120 Sub-bottom profiler (RV Investigator)     (shown in purple)
    TOPAS sub-bottom profiler (RV Southern Surveyor, RV Tangaroa)     (shown in purple)
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