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Kongsberg/Simrad EM710 multibeam echo sounder (70kHz - 100kHz)   


The Kongsberg EM710 is designed for acquiring high-resolution, relatively shallow bathymetry and backscatter data on the continental shelf. The minimum acquisition depth is from less than 3 m below its transducers, and the maximum acquisition depth is approximately 2000 m, somewhat dependant upon array size. Across track coverage (swath width) is up to 5.5 times water depth, to a maximum of more than 2000 m.


A very high resolution seabed mapping system with a flexible configuration for acquiring bathymetry and back scatter data down to 2000m.



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Document: System Overview from Kongsberg 164939ac_em710_product_specification_lr.pdf

NCMI Information and Data Centre  »  Applications  »  MNF Equipment