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CAAB Taxon Report

Animalia (kingdom)  »  Arthropoda (phylum)  »  Malacostraca (class)  »  Decapoda (order)  »  Leucosiidae (family)

CAAB Code: 28 876061 show as JSON
Scientific Name
and Authority
Arcania elongata    Yokoya, 1933
CAAB category: 28 - Crustacea - Malacostraca Malacostracans: isopods, amphipods, euphausiids and decapods (prawns, lobsters, crabs, etc.) Distribution map:

Occurrence locations [87] shown as red circles - View CSIRO Catch records

CSIRO Marine Invertebrate Image Collection (MIIC)
Catalogue Number: MIIC-04395
CSIRO Specimen Reference: SS200510-076-003
Survey: SS200510 [details]
Date of image: 02-December-2005 00:12
Position: -30.9913° 114.933°
Depth: 100 metres

Credit: CSIRO - Karen Gowlett-Holmes
Licence: Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike (CC BY-NC-SA)  @CSIRO 2020
Family: Leucosiidae (pebble crabs) - show full list
Common Name: [a pebble crab]
Taxon lists: Current Australian list:
Commercial species list:
Standard Fish Names List:
Regions: Australia (inc. subantarctic territories)
Tropical Indo-West Pacific
Habitat: Marine unspecified
Parent Codes: 28 876902     Arcania spp.
Organism Type: a pebble crab
Taxon Notes:This species has been recorded previously from Australian waters, but as all of these records predate the current understanding of this species (see Naruse (2014)), any records of this species from Australia need to be re-examined to determine their true identity.

Australian Faunal Directory (AFD)
Name status: accepted    Checked on: 2019-11-21
View at Atlas of Living Australia
Museum of Victoria 5042
World Register of Marine Species
Name status: accepted    Checked on: 2020-02-03
View at WoRMS    - also at Ocean Biodiversity Information System (OBIS) (report and map of occurrences)
Record source: Davie, P.J.F., 2002. Crustacea: Malacostraca: Eucarida (Part 2): Decapoda - Anomura, Brachyura. In: Wells, A. Houston, W.W.K., Editors, Zoological Catalogue of Australia., 19.3B. CSIRO Publishing, Melbourne 641pp.
Scientific Name
verified against
Naruse, T., 2014. Description of two new species of Arcania Leach, 1817, from the western Pacific Ocean and redescriptions of A. undecimspinosa De Haan, 1841, and A. elongata Yokoya, 1933 (Crustacea: Brachyura: Leicosiidae)., Zootaxa, Vol. 3814(3): 301-332.
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