OFAM3 graphics archive

These images are provided to convey a notion of the strengths and weaknesses of OFAM3, which we are still assessing ourselves. To view the animations you might need a fli movie player.

Some plots show the temperature anomaly, rather than the absolute temperature. This is defined here as the difference from the CARS2009 climatological value for the day.

Dec 2011: Completed a 1/1/1993-31/12/2010 spinup run of OFAM3, here referred to as O3s1

Indian Ocean: [t1]
Leeuwin: [tv12]

O3s1 (OFAM3 spinup1) ([t1]=surface temperature, [tp3m]=temperature and particles at 3m)
Australasia zooming in to Aust: [t1]
Antarctic Circumpolar Current: [h1] [t1][tp3m][tp50m] [s3m]
Indian Ocean: [tp3m][AVI]
S Pacific Ocean: [tp3m] [tp50m]

MiddleEast: [tp3m] [tp50m]
S China Sea: [tp3m] [tp50m]
Hawaii: [tv12]

Great Aust Bight:
grid: [tp3m] [tp50m]
plume: [tpc3m] [tpc50m] [tpc100m] [tpc1400m]

NW Aust:
plume: [tpc3m] [tpc20m] [tpc500m]

Ship routing example2:
[v1 (full-route optimise, lanechange=-1,0,1]
[v2 (regional optimise, 5 lanes at each of 9 gates, max |lanechange|=2)]
[v3 (regional optimise, 5 lanes, lanechange=2)]
[v4 (regional optimise, 6 lanes, lanechange=2)]
[v5 (regional optimise, 8 lanes, lanechange=3)]
[6 dlon, lcm=2]
[7 dlon, lcm=3]
see also om page.

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