Case study: season 2010

(a) Observed conditions in December through March.

The top row shows the average SST in each month (°C), the second row shows the SST anomaly compared to the average SST for that month over the period 1994-2013 (°C), and the third row shows the average chlorophyll a in each month (mg/m3). Case study observed


(b) Forecasted SST and corresponding habitat preference maps for December through March.

Forecasts shown are for 2 months, 1 month and 10 days in advance of the 1st day of the month being forecasted. Observed SST data are shown in the final column for comparison. The habitat preference maps include the aerial survey sightings data for the month being forecasted (pink circles, diameter proportional to biomass of sighting); the dashed line indicates the survey area. Recall that in the preference maps, values > 1 indicate preferred habitat.



Case study 1 Dec forecasts



Case study 1 Jan forecasts



Case study 1 Feb forecasts



Case study 1 Mar forecasts