June 1997


T.J. Taranto

D.R. Jacobs


B.G. Long



Executive Summary

A field survey was done (Long et. al.) on the reefs of Torres Strait in February 1995, November 1995 and February 1996. A total of 1,274 sites were sampled with a 20 m 2 m transect line by divers on the tops of 43 reefs. A total of 374 sites were also sampled  by divers along the edges of 41 reefs. At all sites the percentage cover of sand, rubble, live coral and boulders was recorded as were the percentage cover of the dominant and conspicuous sessile flora and faunal megabenthos. Holothurians, giant clams, pearl shells and other large gastropods and conspicuous solitary megafauna were counted and the holothurians were returned to the dinghy and weighed to provide estimates of abundance and biomass.

A series of maps have been produced to show the distribution and abundance of  substratum types and megabenthos sampled on the reefs of Torres Strait. The maps are also stored in digital form in the Torres Strait GIS and are available for further research and monitoring, and fisheries management.

A transparency showing locations of field survey sites is attached at the rear of this document. The transparency will overlay all included resource maps. Users can utilise the transparency to further assess the extents of the resource.




Long, B.G., Skewes, T.D., Taranto, Jacobs, D.R. and Dennis, D. (1997). Torres Strait reef resource inventory and reef habitat mapping. Final report on CSIRO Research, 19931996. Report to the Torres Strait Fisheries Scientific Advisory Committee. April, 1997, 25 pp.



Table of Contents

Sample Sites

Algae Percent Cover

Algae Percent Cover Pie Graph - Reef Top

Algae Percent Cover Pie Graph - Reef Edge

Algae Total Percent Cover - Reef Top

Algae Total Percent Cover - Reef Edge

Amphiroa Species - Reef Top

Amphiroa Species - Reef Edge

Boodlea Species - Reef Top

Boodlea Species - Reef Edge

Caulerpa Species - Reef Top

Caulerpa Species - Reef Edge

Chlorodesmis Species - Reef Top

Chlorodesmis Species - Reef Edge

Crustose Coraline Algae - Reef Top

Crustose Coraline Algae - Reef Edge

Dictyota Species - Reef Top

Dictyota Species - Reef Edge

Filamentous Brown Algae - Reef Top

Filamentous Brown Algae - Reef Edge

Filamentous Red Algae - Reef Top

Filamentous Red Algae - Reef Edge

Gracilaria Species - Reef Top

Gracilaria Species - Reef Edge

Halimeda Species - Reef Top

Halimeda Species - Reef Edge

Hydroclathrus Species - Reef Top

Hydroclathrus Species - Reef Edge

Laurencia Species - Reef Top

Laurencia Species - Reef Edge

Padina Species - Reef Top

Padina Species - Reef Edge

Sargassum Species - Reef Top

Sargassum Species - Reef Edge

Scum - Reef Top

Scum - Reef Edge

Turbinaria ornata - Reef Top

Turbinaria ornata - Reef Edge

Turf Algae - Reef Top

Turf Algae - Reef Edge

Udotea Species - Reef Top

Udotea Species - Reef Edge

Seagrasses Percent Cover

Total Seagrass Percent Cover Pie Graph - Reef Top

Total Seagrass Percent Cover Pie Graph - Reef Edge

Total Seagrass Percent Cover - Reef Top

Total Seagrass Percent Cover - Reef Edge

Cymodocea rotundata - Reef Top

Cymodocea rotundata - Reef Edge

Cymodocea serrulata - Reef Top

Cymodocea serrulata - Reef Edge

Enhalus acoroides - Reef Top

Enhalus acoroides - Reef Edge

Halophila ovalis - Reef Top

Halophila ovalis - Reef Edge

Halophila spinulosa - Reef Top

Halophila spinulosa - Reef Edge

Halodule uninervis - Reef Top

Halodule uninervis - Reef Edge

Syringodium isoetifolium - Reef Top

Syringodium isoetifolium - Reef Edge

Thalassodendron ciliatum - Reef Top

Thalassodendron ciliatum - Reef Edge

Thalassia hemprichii - Reef Top

Thalassia hemprichii - Reef Edge