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Before using the form below to request data from Data Centre holdings at CSIRO Marine Research, please read the following notes carefully. These notes will help you to determine whether or not the data you want may be held here, and to formulate your request in a manner that we can service.

Please note: The majority of our data are available, for non-commercial use, at cost of extraction/cost of transfer only. You will be advised what, if any, costs may be applicable to servicing your request once it has been received. All data are supplied subject to the terms of our Data Licensing Agreement.

Our data holdings in CSIRO Marine Research Data Centre the comprise the following data types.

Most of our CTD, Hydrology and Biological catch data are available on-line using Data Trawler at

RV Franklin raw data file format information (collated in 1998).

Hydrology, CTD, ADCP, and moored instrument data is normally available for public release 2 years after the completion of processing by Data Centre staff. Biological data can normally only be released subject to the approval of the scientist in charge of the relevant research program.

You can search for vessel-collected Hydrology, CTD, Underway, and ADCP data in our holdings using our Ships Data Interface, if you have not already done so. This index is complete for approximately our most recent 25 years of data. Older datasets may also exist which have not yet been indexed; please complete the form below if you are interested in pre-1975 data.

Certain other data types held by CSIRO Marine Research are available from other Divisional contacts. These comprise:

To request Hydrology, CTD, ADCP, moored instrument or biological data from the Data Centre, please fill out the form below.

To extract data from our archive, we need to know the following:

  1. the Data Type required, i.e., Hydrology, CTD, ADCP, underway, moored instrument or biological data, plus:

    • Either: the specific region (give bounding coordinates), additionally constrained to a particular time period if desired (returns all available data in the specified region and/or time period). This set can be subsetted by research vessel name if desired.

    • Or: a specific vessel name and voyage identifier (except for voyage data within the 2-year embargo period), or coastal station name if known

Be sure to answer all questions otherwise it is very difficult for us to satisfy your request. The Data Centre has ready access to most vessel collected data, but may need to forward on those requests which involve data held by research staff within the Division. You should expect to receive a response from the Data Centre within three working days, acknowledging your request.

Your Name:

Your Organisation:

(e.g. company, institution, agency, or member of public)

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(e.g. undergraduate student, research scientist)

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Phone No:

Dataset Description:

(Include data type(s) - e.g. CTD, Ship name(s) - if applicable, Voyage identifier(s) - if applicable)

Time Period(s) Of Interest (if applicable):

(e.g. Nov 1994 to Dec 1995, Jan 1996 etc)

Geographic Area:(Lat & Long)

(You must provide latitude and longitude coordinates - either bounding coordinates or a point coordinate. Be sure to indicate hemisphere [N or S] and meridian [i.e. E or W]. AN EXCEPTION is if you are supplying a Voyage Identifier [e.g. FR9701] and you want data from the entire voyage)

Intended Use of Data:

When Required:

How Did You Know That The Dataset Existed?

Important note: The existence of a dataset in the Division's holdings does not guarantee that it is available for external users. Datasets may be subject to restrictions such as commercial or scientific confidentiality for a specified time, or may not be in a format that is readily distributable. In addition, charges may be incurred for work undertaken by Data Centre staff on behalf of external enquirers. Details appropriate to your data request will be forwarded to you after submission of the request.

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