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MNF publications and data submissions.

Add new publication reference

To save time enter just the DOI if it exists and 'Update reference'. Reference and year will be added if possible. Continue editing.

MNF Voyage(s): Link the reference to none, one or more voyages
Other Voyage(s): Optionally if the publication is also from non MNF surveys
- search for surveys using 'by Surveys' tab
Project: Optionally link the reference to this list of RV Investigator projects (not necessarily complete). Please ignore for RV Southern Surveyor and Franklin voyages.

Type of publication: - if not on list then add
DOI: If the publication has a DOI, enter it and use 'Update reference' button
Year: If there is a specific publication date then add
URL: If report is on an external website and there is no DOI then PLEASE enter the site URL
Upload Document: Optionally upload the publication/report (pdf only) - if there is no DOI or external URL then a download link will be created to this document (if public).

Existing document
Submitter details: Please add your name and phone number or email if we need to contact you about your submission.
NCMI Information and Data Centre  »  MNF Reporting