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CAAB Taxon Report

Animalia (kingdom)  »  Mollusca (phylum)  »  Gastropoda (class)  »  Cephalaspidea (order)  »  Haminoeidae (family)

CAAB Code: 24 330010 show as JSON
Scientific Name
and Authority
Phanerophthalmus luteus    (Quoy & Gaimard, 1833)
CAAB category: 24 - Mollusca - Gastropoda
Family: Haminoeidae (bubble shells) - show full list
Common Name: [a bubble shell]
Recent Synonyms: Phanerophthalmus smaragdinus
Organism Type: a bubble shell
Taxon Notes:Australian material was originally identified as P. smaragdinus, a synonym of the Red Sea endemic species P. olivaceus. This material is most likely P. luteus, although it is possible that P. paulayi may also be present in this region. All Australian records of need to be re-examined in detail.

World Register of Marine Species    Name status: accepted    Checked on: 2016-05-12
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Taxon lists: Current Australian list:
Commercial species list:
Standard Fish Names List:
Regions: Australia (inc. subantarctic territories)
South Pacific (Fiji etc.)
Tropical Indo-Pacific (countries N/NE Australia)
Habitat: Marine unspecified
Record source: Malaquais, M.A. Reid, D.G., 2008. Systematic revision of the living species of Bullidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Cephalaspidea), with a molecular phylogenetic analysis., Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, Vol. 153: 453-543.
Scientific Name
verified against
Austin, J. Gosliner, T. Malaquias, M.A.E., 2018. Systematic revision, diversity patterns and trophic ecology of the tropical Indo-West Pacific sea slug genus Phanerophthalmus A. Adams, 1850 (Cephalaspidea, Haminoeidae)., Invertebrate Systematics, Vol. 32: 1336-1387. .

Record details

Record entered on 12-Oct-2011 00:00 by Karen Gowlett-Holmes
Record modified on 26-Sep-2019 08:53 by Karen Gowlett-Holmes
Modification description: update name
Modification history:
15-MAY-2019: update name (Karen Gowlett-Holmes)
 (previous species name: smaragdinus)
 (previous authority: (Rüppell & Leuckart))
 (previous publication year: 1830)
26-SEP-2019: update name (Karen Gowlett-Holmes)
 (previous species name: olivaceus)
 (previous authority: (Ehrenberg))
 (previous publication year: 1828)
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