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CAAB Taxon Report

Animalia (kingdom)  »  Mollusca (phylum)  »  Gastropoda (class)  »  Littorinimorpha (order)  »  Cassidae (family)

CAAB Code: 24 171015 show as JSON
Scientific Name
and Authority
Echinophoria carnosa    (Kuroda & Habe, 1961)
CAAB category: 24 - Mollusca - Gastropoda
Family: Cassidae (helmet shells) - show full taxa list or show species only taxa list
Common Name: [a helmet shell]
Recent Synonyms: Phalium carnosa
Organism Type: a helmet shell
Taxon Notes:All previous Australian records of this Japanese species that have been re-examined are actually juvenile Echinophora wyvillei, and any records of this species from the Australasian region need to be examined to confirm their identity. This species is currently not regarded as part of the Australian fauna. See Beu, 2008.
Parent Codes
(if any)
24 171904
World Register of Marine Species accepted 2016-05-11 view at WoRMS - potential occurrences at OBIS
Habitat: Marine unspecified
Record source: Wilson, B., 1993, Australian Marine Shells. Prosobranch Gastropods Pt I. Odyssey Publishing, Leederville, W.A.
Scientific Name
verified against
Beu, A.G., 2008. Recent deep-water Cassidae of the world. A revision of Galeodea, Oocorys, Sconsia, Echinophoria and related taxa, with new genera and species (Mollusca, Gastropoda)., Mémoires du Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle, Vol. 196. Tropical Deep-Sea Benthos., (Héros, V. Cowie, R.H. Bouchet, P.): 269-387.

Record details

Record entered on 30-Sep-2003 00:00 by Karen Gowlett-Holmes
Record modified on 23-Jul-2012 12:39 by Karen Gowlett-Holmes
Modification description: updated
Modification history:
03-FEB-2006: Family sequence corrected form 0 to 1 (Tony Rees)
20-JUN-2007: genus spelling corrected - follows MV database + other sources (Tony Rees)
 (previous genus name: Echinophora)
23-JUL-2012: updated (Karen Gowlett-Holmes)
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