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Coastal Shelfs 0-200m

Name:40-200 m North-West shelf      - view region report showing all data
Region: North-west
Area: not set
Gear type:demersal remote underwater video
Layers used: Oceanic Shoals Marine Biodiversity Survey - BRUVS sites - to metadata
AIMS - Ningaloo BRUVS WAMSI - to metadata
AIMS Barracouta East BRUVS 2013-04
AIMS Glomar Shoal BRUVS 2013
AIMS Rankin Bank BRUVS 2013
Summary:Records - 370
Deepest: 77 db
Last updated: 29-Jun-2018 04:39.
km - Region default buffer is km

Time series plot (1930 to present) - Y axis is deployments per year

Region data

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YearTotal inside region
2006 171
2012 56
2013 78

Region extents: 112° 13.7' E   27° 42.6' S     to     128° 42.9' E   11° 13.4' S

Acknowledgements: Background map - Bright Earth e-Atlas Basemap v1.0 (AIMS, GBRMPA, JCU, DSITIA, GA, UCSD, NASA, OSM, ESRI) CC BY

O&A Information and Data Centre  »  NESP Marine Biodiversity Hub  »  ARMADA