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UoMDescriptionClassData type (old)Render Colour
AI airborne imagery Airborne laser imagery (light detection and ranging equipment LIDAR) bio aqua
CM_M Current meter at moorings 76 7 Mooring deployments Impellers on moorings measuring current at a location phys cm aquamarine
CPR continuous plankton recorder 51882 4 taxa occurrence CPR trawl targetting zooplankton and large phytoplankton bio cpr yellow
CSI compound specific isotopes CSI derived from feather/flesh etc samples bio violet
CTD CTD sensor 259458 28 deployments as vertical profile or tows Conductivity (salinity) temperature and depth profilers phys ctd,tctd royalblue
DOV diver operated video Video operated by divers within shallow water bio seagreen
DT_S demersal trawl or sled 27822 2 deployments Epibenthic sleds or demersal trawls targetting demersal fish and epibenthic invertebrates bio orangered
DV diver visual 4769 3 surveys Diver based transects in shallow water such as Reef Life Survey bio springgreen
D_BRUV demersal remote underwater video 3648 12 deployments Baited or unbaited demersal remote underwater video (BRUV) targeting demersal fish and mobile invertebrates bio video lightcoral
MBS multibeam sonar 16476 3 one hour observation block Multibeam side scan sonar providing bathymetry and habitat information phys multibeam darkslategray
MET Meteorological & SST 215 23 deployments Meteorological or air/sea flux observations phys darkslateblue
MSOCS multi-spectral ocean colour sensors 4 Satellite observations of ocean colour from which chl-a and productivity indices are derived bio lavender
MW_A midwater acoustics 69244 4 one hour observation block Midwater acoustics targetting mid-water prey species such as small fish, squid, krill and jellyfish . bio ek60 lightsalmon
MW_TV midwater towed video Towed video target pelagic prey and predator functional groups bio lightseagreen
OB_ACM ocean based acoustic current meter 590135 3 ensembles per day ADCPs mounted on moorings measuring ocean current profiles phys adcp burlywood
PP Phytoplankton sample 11802 6 observations Point location (e.g. drop net) phytoplankton samples bio orange
P_BRUV pelagic remote underwater video Pelagic baited or unbaited remote underwater video targeting pelagic predator functional groups bio video mediumvioletred
R.A_UV remote or autonomous underwater video 2141 6 deployments AUV or ROV video typically targetting demersal habitats bio video limegreen
RAPT radio acoustic positioning and telemetry 14 1 sites Shore based radio tags typically targetting large pelagic fish and marine mammals bio thistle
SB_ACM shore based current meter Shore based current meter and wave height measurement using VHF radar phys teal
SG sediment grab and core samples 8314 14 deployments Sediment grabs and corers targeting sediment and infaunal invertebrates phys sed sienna
SOA satellite ocean altimetry Satelite based ocean altimeters measuring sea surface height phys skyblue
ST satellite tag 67033 21 dive locations or haulout sites Satellite tags typically attached to large pelagic fish or marine mammals bio magenta
SV ship-based visual Ship based visual surveys targetting (for example) marine mammals honeydew
S_TV seabed towed video and stills 12543 6 deployments Towed stereo and mono video systems target benthic habitats bio video and stills darkorange
SeaGr seagrass 10678 3 observations Seagrass specific sampling - unknown method bio lawngreen
TFCL Trap finfish crab lobster 238 1 taxa occurrence Lob Potting bio darkcyan
TN turtle nesting locations 5421 1 nest counts Turtle nest specific observations - unknown method bio olive
WH wave height bouys and stations locations Ocean mooring measuring wave heights phys navy
WQ_C Water quality and chemistry 55982 45 deployments Water samples taken with various gear types (e.g. Niskin bottle) targetting water chemistry phy hydro powderblue
XBT eXpendable BathyThermograph 108586 6 deployments Vessel deployed XBTs phys xbt mediumaquamarine
ZP zooplankton 122114 7 observations Point location (e.g. drop net) zooplankton sample bio gold
glider Glider 10265 6 locations Gliders measuring oceanic variables phys peru
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