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Ocean circulation: Downloadable resources

Animations and diagrams of ocean circulation globally, in the Southern Ocean and in the Australian region.

The world's oceans play a fundamental role in the climate system. These animations and diagrams of ocean circulation available for download will assist in a wider understanding of key ocean features and their links to global and regional climate.

Ocean Current Diagrams

Still image resources

20 Still images of global and Australian regional ocean currents. For presentations or use in non-commercial publications.
>still image diagrams to download

Video animation resources

Ocean Current Animations

10 Video animations of ocean currents around Australia and the globe.
>animations to download

Use of these animations

This material can be used for non-commercial educational purposes subject to credit being provided to CSIRO, the Wealth from Oceans Flagship and the Australian Climate Change Science Program.

For more information, contact Craig Macaulay, Communication Officer, CSIRO - Craig.Macaulay@csiro.au

Last updated 6/01/12