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Climate Adaptation Flagship

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Climate Change in Australia


Alistair Hobday
CSIRO Marine & Atmospheric Research
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Craig Macaulay
CSIRO Marine & Atmospheric Research
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CSIRO National Research Flagships - Climate Adaptation
Marine Climate Impacts and Adaptation


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Recent reports produced or contributed to by the MCIA group


2009: Poloczanska ES, Richardson AJ, Lansdell M, Hobday AJ (2009) Risk Assessment Tools for Coastal Vulnerability to Climate Change – Assessing Coastal Marine Habitats. CSIRO Report to Department of Climate Change. 136 pp

Report cover Climate Change Risks to Australia's Coasts

NOV 2009: Department of Climate change (2009) Climate Change Risks to Australia’s Coasts: A First Pass National Assessment. Chapter 4: ISBN 9781-1-921298-71-4; available at
»Download from the DOCC website external link

Report Card of Marine Climate Change for Australia cover

NOV 2009: Report Card of Marine Climate Change for Australia (2009) Website Eds. ES Poloczanska, AH Hobday and AJ Richardson, NCCARF Publication 05/09, ISBN 978-1-921609-03-9. 300 pp (276, 443 hits from 27 Nov - 14 Dec 2009) .
»Website: www.oceanclimatechange.org.au external link
»PDF Report Card external link

SEPT 2009: East coast Tasmanian rock lobster fishery – vulnerability to climate change impacts and adaptation response options. This case study examines the potential impacts of climate change on the Tasmanian rock lobster fishery, and identifies several options and opportunities for adaptation.
»Download from the DOCC website external link

DEC 2008: Scoping Study into Adaptation of the Tasmanian Salmonid Aquaculture Industry to Potential Impacts of Climate Change Battaglene et al 2009.
»Download report from the TAFI (Tasmanian Aquaculture and Fisheries Institute) website [PDF] external link

report cover

OCT 2008: Implications of Climate Change for Australian Fisheries and Aquaculture: A preliminary assessment : Edited by Dr Hobday, and Drs Elvira Poloczanska and Richard Matear from CSIRO. The first significant study in the Australian region to bring together the work of climate modellers and fisheries and aquaculture scientists.
»[Download report from the Dept of Climate Change website external link]

Report Cover

JUN 2008: Marine Fisheries and Aquaculture: [Chapter 12] in An overview of climate change adaptation in the Australian agricultural sector - impacts, options, and priorities »[Download full report external link]

Report Cover

NOV 2007: In Hot Water was attended by invited Australian scientists working on, or interested in the effects of climate change on marine and coastal environments. The conference was held in Brisbane, Aust and organised by CSIRO. Proceedings of the Conference [PDF 3.7 Mb]

Report Cover

SEPT 2006: Impacts of Climate Change on Australian Marine Life Report to the Australian Greenhouse Office (Department of Climate Change) Sept 2006.





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