What's New in CAAB

October 2012
CAAB codes created for all genera as "group codes", suitable for use in navigable hierarchies in next version of CAAB and in external client applications

2004 onwards
CAAB maps and images added for many species (mainly fishes at this time)

2002 onwards
CAAB content greatly extended, especially in the areas of invertebrates, non-fish marine vertebrates, and marine plants

June 2001
New feature "Index to genera" added to main CAAB Search page (produces an up-to-date list of valid genera in CAAB, as clickable links)

June 2001
"Scientific Name Search" now returns all members of a family if a recognised family name is entered (e.g. Leiognathidae)

June 2001
"Scientific Name Search" and "Common Name Search" now recognise a wider range of pre-defined groups. Click here to see the current list of recognised names which can be entered (note, not all of these necessarily have data stored against them at this time).

May 2001
Automated links implemented to "AlgaeBase" (M. Guiry, Ireland) for all single species in CAAB categories 54-56 (Phaeophyta, Rhodophyta, Chlorophyta)

May 2001
Cross-family groups (e.g. 28 850000 .. infraorder Brachyura - undifferentiated : crabs now have automated links to all "child" codes, from the relevant taxon report page (previously this feature was only supported as high as family level)

March-April 2001
"Near match" function added to scientific name search - when selected, the search is tolerant of a range of "near matches" on particular letters/combinations of letters - e.g. Anabena will match Anabaena, monocirrus will match monocirrhus, etc.

March 2001
"Scientific name search" extended to recognise selected pre-defined categories, e.g. porifera, cephalopoda, etc.(NB: this list extended later, see June 2001 entry).

March 2001
"Search MarLIN" buttons on Taxon report pages are now only activated if relevant MarLIN records exist (to only allow successful searches).

March 2001
Facility added to store and display relevant "FAO Name" (UN Food & Agriculture Organisation-recognised name) for a species, where applicable (only partially populated at this time).

December 2000
Displayed scientific names in taxon reports adjusted to give 2 alternative versions, with and without subgenus, where a subgenus has been designated (e.g. see 23 270008: Chlamys aktinos).

November 2000
New "Latest Stats" feature added to generate current statistics (numbers of taxa held) for CAAB categories, accessible from CAAB home page centre panel.

November 2000
Automated links implemented to "Australian Faunal Directory" (ABRS, Canberra) for all single species in CAAB categories 10, 14 and 35 (Porifera, Nemertea and Tunicata)

August 2000
New field "Record Source" created, to hold the source of the record when a literature report; displays automatically when populated (e.g. see 52 306007: Reticulofenestra sessilis).

July-August 2000
"Common Name Search" adjusted to be tolerant of mismatches with spaces, hyphens, and apostrophes (see "Search Tips" page)