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Ocean Tracks website

RV Investigator: a new marine research vessel for Australia

A new vessel is being designed, built and commissioned by CSIRO through the Future Research Vessel Project, an initiative of the Australian Government under the Super Science Initiative and financed from the Education Investment Fund.
Learn more at Investigator@CSIRO blog.

» Coast Sea level rise: understanding the past - Improving projections for the future

Australia's marine biodiversity Marine Climate Impacts and Adaptation: how climate change will affect Australia’s oceans.


IMOSIMOS: Integrated Marine Observing System Ocean data portal > explore Australia's oceans through data > learn how data is collected. [opens in new window/tab].

Ocean Current animationsDownload animations of Ocean circulation and diagrams of ocean circulation globally, in the Southern Ocean and in the Australian region.

SST mapPoint-and-Click Sea Temperatures

This service is currently unavailable.
For sea surface temperatures around Australia visit the IMOS 6-day temperature map [opens in new window/tab].

shark tagging Marine National Facility: Southern Surveyor is a blue-water research vessel operated by CSIRO. [opens in new window/tab].